Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have 'cuts'?

The answer to this question is 'no' and 'yes'.  We allow all interested students to participate in practices and even participate in pre-tournament friendly matches.  For the SAIKAC tournament however, there usually is only a set amount of allowable participants, thus a set roster must be made.

2. Can I sign-up past the deadline?

There is some flexibility with this, though ultimately the coach has the final say. Though before you show up to practice you need to register for after school sports first! Since the SAIKAC tournament is at the end of the season, it is usually possible to join the team after the season has started.

3. What does U14, U16, U19 mean?

This means only students under those ages are eligible to play in the respective division.  For example, the cutoff date for U14 is any student who turns 14 after September 1 of that calendar year - August 1 is the cutoff date for all divisions.  If you turned 14 before September 1, then you are eligible for U16 but not for U14.

4. Are students eligible to play 'up' in divisions?

The answer is absolutely - if you are eligible for U14, you are also eligible for U16.  However, this is generally used when students are highly skilled in the particular sport, or if numbers dictate a need for additional players.

5. Is there a regular season?

The answer to this question is we are currently developing an ISG league between Jubail, Dammam, DHS, and DBGS. There will be home and away games and a league championship, which will lead up to the SAIKAC tournament.

6. How often are practices?

Practices are three times per week (determined by the coach and athletic director), and they last from 3:00 - 4:40.

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  1. What if you are 14 and u wanna join U 14 soccer but the rules say only Gr6 to 7 ?