Monday, November 24, 2014

Sign-up Link to After School Sports

Below is the link to the sign-up form for the rest of the school year.  Remember to please have your parents sign the electronic signature part - it is crucial they know what you are doing and approve of it.

Practices for Netball and Cross Country (to be integrated with the Timm's cross fit and climbing) are now since they will begin the first week of December.  U16 Basketball and U14 Soccer will begin when we return from winter break.

Here's the link to the sign-up.  

Go Jaguars!

Monday, November 3, 2014

SAIKAC Table Tennis Open Division Tournament Report

On Saturday, October 18th, 5 boys went over to Dhahran to play for Jubail in the SAIKAC Table Tennis Tournament. The tournament began with a ladder tournament to determine the players' seedings. Then after the ladder tournament there was a doubles tournament in which the players from Jubail performed exceptionally well. Usaama and Jovan finished 4th overall, and Hamzah and Jiss came runners-up losing in the finals to two former Jubail students. The last tournament of the day was the singles' tournament in which the boys once again performed superbly. Aryan and Jovan finished in the top 20, Jiss and Hamzah finished 6th and 7th respectively, and Usaama came second losing to another former Jubail student. At the end of the day, Jubail finished second overall behind Dhahran High School. Aryan, Hamzah, Jiss, Jovan, and Usaama all played exceptional and brought home another banner for Jubail. A special shout out to their coach, Mr. Wilkens, who trained these talented young men.

-Jiss Xavier

Sunday, November 2, 2014

SAIKAC U16 Girls Volleyball Report

The U-16 girls worked very hard this season and headed to the tournament with a mixture of confidence and trepidation.  The draw in the B pool began with a match against the DHS B team.  After falling behind, the girls rallied and won in 2 sets.  They then faced a tough squad from DBGS.  Our girls played two tough sets but won each.  The third match was against a young DEMS squad.  After a slow start, the Lady Jaguars won easily in two sets again.  Then our girls faced RasTanura Aramco.  The girls won the first set and lost the second.  In the third set, the girls fell behind but rallied late to  win 15-13.  The final match of the first day was against Aramco Abqaiq.  Fatigue and lack of focus led to the first and only loss of day one.  

However, the Lady Jags entered the second day of competition seeded third.  Up first was a match against Aramco Udeleha.  Our girls lost the first set but rallied to win a very close second set 28-26.  The third set went to the Aramco squad.  The second match of day two pitted our girls against Ras Tanura again.  The Jags started off strong, winning the first set easily.  Despite that win, Ras Tanura rallied to win the second and third sets, ending the season for the girls.  They did well on the second day, despite playing without on of their starters.

Many thanks from Coach Camponeschi to all of the effort that the girls put into the season and to Su-ane Zwiegelaar for her invaluable help with the team.  

2014 U-14 SAIKAC Table Tennis tournament Report

Two weeks ago, 5 boys represented ISG Jubail at the U-14 Table Tennis tournament. We consisted of Mohamad Abdelrahman, Yousef Ibrahim, Alan Aboulhosn, Arindum Jena, and Akshath Majumder and our coach Mr. Wilkens. Mohamad reached the finals of the singles against a player from Dammam. He played well and ended beating his opponent to win the single's division championship. In the doubles tournament, Mohamad and Yousef played well and ended up 3rd in the competition. Then Akshath and Arindum played the un-beaten DEMS team. They came out on top, though the match was close. As a result we came in 2nd place. With the team winning successfully in the doubles and the singles competitions, we managed to come first place overall as a team.

-Akshath Majumder


SAIKAC U16 Boys Tournament Report Oct 23-24

The JV Boys Volleyball season's practices began back in June before the school year ended. After summer things became serious and everyone gradually started to shine in their own regards. With regular practices, discipline, and scheduled exhibition matches against Dammam and DBGS, this brought confidence and team chemistry to new heights. 

The team went to the SAIKAC tournament with one goal in mind, coming home as champions. The first day we won 4 games and lost once to DBGS. After a night's rest, the boys returned to the tournament, focused and determined. The day started of with a well earned victory against  ISG Dammam. Without any rest, the JV Boys were pitted against the strongest team in the tournament, DHS A. To many in the audience the match resembled a final's match; however, playing two sets led to Jubail's defeat. The 3rd straight match of the day was played against DH Aramco A. Having spent all their energy in the past two games and with no time to recover, the boys were eliminated, destroying all hopes for a championship season. 

In the end, with a great coach and a talented team, the end result was a spectacular display of JV Boys Volleyball.

-Mohammad Jabran Khan (Team Captain)