Sunday, August 28, 2016

Fall Sport Practice Schedule - Volleyball, Table Tennis

    Hey all, we are ready to begin our 2016-17 fall sports program. We'll begin practices this week for U16/U19 volleyball (boys and girls), and for table tennis (open/U14). The practice schedule is as follows -

U16/U19 boys - Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays (first practice, Monday, August 29)

U16/U19 girls - Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays (first practice, Tuesday, August 30)

Table tennis - Sundays, Thursdays (first practice Sunday, September 4)

Don't forget to register for all after school sports here before coming to practice!!!

U14 volleyball and soccer will begin in mid-October. Stay tuned for further details.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Sign ups for participating in after school sports for the 2016-17 school year.

    Hello everyone! It is time for another action-packed year of athletics at ISG-Jubail. Each year our teams grow in strength and in numbers. We aim to have as many students as possible participate in our after school sports teams, and judging by the number of teams we have had participating throughout the Kingdom, we have been successful.
     To be able to participate in our after school athletics program, please sign-up here. It is a must to sign up if you are to participate - only one time for all sports.

Thank you!

ISG-Jubail Athletics

Friday, July 29, 2016

MS/HS News for the 2016-17 school year

Hope everyone is having an awesome summer holiday, wherever you may be! As we are counting down the days to return to school, I wanted to prepare you for at least thinking about how you can prepare yourself if you were wanting to participate in our ASA and Athletics programs for the 2016-17 school year. This is especially pertinent for those of you who are perhaps in Europe or North America, as many products are easier/cheaper to obtain.

Here are some things you may want to look into purchasing if you are to participate in a sport or activity this year.

-Proper shoes for the various sports (soccer/turf shoes, running shoes, court shoes). You should not being wearing sandals or Vans, for example to practice, or even PE class!

-Proper eyewear - for example, Aramco is now requiring sports glasses/goggles for events at their campuses. (this may be easier to get in KSA, but just a good one to look into if you wear glasses). Of course contact lenses are good as well.

-Proper pads - Shin guards for soccer (you cannot play in tournaments without them), and knee pads for volleyball (optional).

-Gloves - Soccer goalie gloves for soccer, and possibly for softball

-racquets/paddles - For those of you playing badminton or table tennis, you should have your own for practice and tournaments. While we do have some, we reserve this more for physical education classes.

-Reusable water bottles - we now have coolers around the campus, so a reusable water bottle is best for this.

-Instruments - for example, Mr. Lucky wants to offer a ukelele ASA, but requires you bring your own. Mr. Yoon has a guitar ASA and this is also true. Finally, we could offer others, ie a harmonica club, kazoo club, etc. but you also need to provide your own.

-Any other specialty item that you can't find in KSA that you could use to create an after school club -think art supplies, electronic equipment, balls, etc.

Of course we have many materials to be provided by the school, but to truly excel, and to personalize the experience to your needs, you benefit more if you have your own equipment/materials in these cases.

If you have any questions, of course please don't hesitate to ask!

Enjoy the rest of your summer holiday.

Monday, August 31, 2015

First season sports practice schedule 2015-16

Table Tennis - Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the MPR with Coach Mike Wilkens
U16/19 Girls Volleyball - Sunday, Monday, and Thursday in the Gym with Coach Scott Camponeschi
U16/19 Boys Volleyball - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday in the Gym with coaches Wyatt Franz and Courtney Berry

Please make sure you register for an after school sport before coming to practice!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Another Successful Year: 2014-15

     Well Jubailians, it has been another super successful year for the ISG-Jubail Jaguar sports teams. We have many banners to add from this past year: Open Division SAIKAC Eastern Region Table Tennis Runner-up, U14 SAIKAC Eastern Region Table Tennis Champions, U14 SAIKAC Eastern Region Volleyball Runner-up (Boys and Girls), U16 SAIKAC Eastern Region Soccer Champions (Boys), U14 SAIKAC Eastern Region Champions (Boys), U16 SAIKAC Eastern Region Badminton Runner-up (Boys), U14 SAIKAC Eastern Region Basketball Champions (Boys), and U14 SAIKAC Eastern Region Indoor Cricket Champions.
     In addition we hosted our first two tournaments in our new gym for the U14 SAIKAC Eastern Region Girls Basketball, and U14 SAIKAC Eastern Region Indoor Cricket teams. What a sight it was to see our own Jubail community coming out and cheering. Finally, we had a true home court advantage! Another 'first' this year for our school was fielding our first U19 teams in sending a boys and girls team to the  U19 SAIKAC Eastern Region Badminton tournament. Congrats to Muath, Jiss, Hamza, Usaama, Noor, Su-ane, Zainab, and Phang for representing us!
     This past Thursday, June 11th we had our annual awards banquet to celebrate everyone's accomplishments this year. This year we had over one hundred students in grades 6 - 11 participating in an after school sport, and we gave out over 40 awards - an MVP and Coach's Award for most teams, plus a male and female athlete of the year and a male and female Jaguar Award. The Jaguar Award was given to one boy and one girl student athlete who demonstrated exemplary sportsmanship, leadership, character, and effort in any of our teams this year.
     Thanks to all players, coaches, and ISG-Jubail community members for your contributions this year. As we grow, it seems our sports program gets even better, which is a testament to our community.  We look forward to another great year for Jaguar sports in 2015-16
     Below is a copy of the program and list of awards recipients for 2014-15.

Have a great summer everyone!



U-14 Table Tennis

MVP- Mohamad Abedelrahman
Coach’s Award- Arindum Jena

Open Division Table Tennis

MVP- Ussama Yate
Coach’s Award- Jovan Sheff

U16 Boys’ Volleyball

MVP- Usaama Yate
Coach’s Award- Ibrahim Elzagheid
Shout-out =Daniel Khan

U16 Girls’ Volleyball

MVP-Sophia Camponeschi
Coach’s Award-Victoria Smith

U14 Boys’ Volleyball

MVP- Bhinawa Putra Raja
Coach’s Award- Mohamad Abdelrahman

U14 Girls’ Volleyball

MVP-  McKenzie Rizqi
Coach’s Award - Melissa McIntyre

U16 Boys’ Soccer

MVP - Diego Maya Pena
Coach’s Award - Jabran Khan

U16 Girls’ Soccer

MVP- Mc Kenzie Rizqi
Coach’s Award- Caithlee Traut

Boys’ Cross Country

MVP- Usaama Yate

Girls’ Cross Country

MVP- McKenzie Rizqi

Girls’ Netball

U 14

Diyana Afqal Binti Mahd Rizal

U 16

MVP - Carlie Rohrbeck

U14 Boys’ Soccer

MVP - Usaama Yate
Coach’s Award - Batt Aree-uea

U14 Girls’ Soccer

MVP- Amy Bone
Coach’s Award- Marizel Van Der Merwe

U16 Boys’ Basketball

MVP- Muath Ratemi
Coach’s Award- Thomas Wilkens

Boys’ U16 Badminton

MVP- Usaama Yate
Coach’s Award- Hamza Yate

Girls’ U16 Badminton

MVP- Aiba Malek
Coach’s Award - Mckenzie Rizqi

Boys U19 Badminton -
MVP - Noor Lodhi
Coach’s Award - Su-ane Zwieglaar

Girls U19 Badminton -
MVP - Muath Ratemi
Coach’s Award - Jiss Xavier

U14 Boys’ Basketball

MVP- Usaama Yate
Coach’s Award- Tommy Rogers

U14 Girls’ Basketball

MVP- Marizel Van der Merwe
Coach’s Award- Megan Golding

U14 Boys’ Cricket

MVP- Kshitij Jain
Coach’s Award- Akshath Majumder

Boys’ Athlete of the Year
Usaama Yate

Girls’ Athlete of the Year
McKenzie Rizqi

Jaguar Award Boys
Jabran Khan

Jaguar Award Girls
Cameron Smith